As part of our Ready Generation Project, we are working with Belong Care to develop an intergenerational learning framework.

Last week we chatted with residents at the Crewe care village, Cheshire, UK about the value of play. Irene aged 98 years had a range of very clear views which struck such a chord! Here are her top five:

  1. Playing is not the same as being a playful thinker. You can do the first without the second and not get very far!
  2. Being playful is a state of mind that is to be nurtured throughout life. It starts with the child but shouldn’t end with childhood.
  3. To play well we all need to feel happy and safe. We do our best playing when we are connected to those who we respect, trust and love and who love us back! (she then gave a cheeky wink!)
  4. Children’s play shouldn’t be over reliant on toys. Nature and the outdoors make the perfect play space.
  5. Having a playful approach keeps you ‘in the game’ and allows you to constantly surprise people as well as yourself. You see that you can make a contribution even when you may feel you’ve been written off!!

What an amazing afternoon surrounded by wise people, tea and laughter!

Picture by Mini Aged 5 – ‘playing with my old friend who lives in a wheelchair’.

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