What is Born4Life? Early years educators working together to improve learning outcomes and experiences for young children. Professional development, inquiry-based teaching and learning strategies, pedagogical conversations, energetic thinking – supporting a self-improving early years system where quality improvement sits firmly in the hands of educators.

Learning with and from each other in a collaborative process that focuses on authentic practice is what REALLY makes a difference for young children and their families.

Born4Life recognises this and aims to build learning relationships by:

  • respecting children’s unique strengths as powerful and curious learners
  • connecting with parents in ways that make sense and acknowledge their position as a child’s first and most enduring educator
  • understanding and responding to the professional development needs of educators in a creative and dynamic self-serving system
  • fostering a spirit of enquiry and a disposition to leads to good questions and great answers

‘No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship’

James Comer

‘Last week, watching my team with the inspector was unbelievable. As a result of the Born4Life Project, I was so proud that they were able to speak confidently and explain the rationale behind everything they do and the difference that makes to the children’s learning and wellbeing. It is a new way of working that not everyone understands yet but it works!’

Owner and leader of outstanding nursery, Wirral, England