Meet the Team

Founders and Trustees

Sue Egersdorff


Sue has always believed in the power of relational connection as a tool for improving learning, health, happiness and productivity. As an educator of very young children, she has watched how they engage and intuitively invite others to reciprocate, explore and be curious about anything and everything!

In 2019, she set up Ready Generations as a charity to encourage connections between people of different ages, particularly the very young and very old. Her ambition is to create potential for a refreshing community dynamic that really does put people first!

Liz Ludden


Liz is based in Liverpool and is owner and leader of the multi-award winning Dukes and Duchesses Nursery in the heart of the city centre. The Nursery has been twice rated as outstanding by OFSTED.

The emphasis on family in her Nursery led her to research and develop intergenerational practice that includes all ages and helps support healthy living for everyone. As part of her hectic schedule she also lectures on all aspects of early years practice at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk.

Anna C Park


Anna is an experienced teacher, speaker and care consultant who is passionate that age and labels should never define anyone. She thrived on the stories of her grandparents’ earliest memories and continues to value the importance of sharing & validating life experiences across the generations.

Following a person-centred care approach, Anna believes intergenerational activities can help to spark creativity, forge new relationships & develop feelings of warmth and community. Pioneering the evolution of interactive technology to make music, nature & the arts more accessible for people living with dementia and/or learning disabilities, she continues to champion the importance of inclusive resources & meaningful experiences in her role as a NAPA Special Adviser.

Anna indulges her love of folk & community with her ‘Hedgerow Tipple’ ceilidh/barn dance calling, coordinating local festivals & performing with the dance group Tappalachian. She lives in Herts with her family but is still a canny Northumbrian at heart.