Meet the Team

Our Founder, Patron and Trustees

Sue Egersdorff


Sue has always believed in the power of relational connection as a tool for improving learning, health, happiness and productivity. As an educator of very young children, she has watched how they engage and intuitively invite others to reciprocate, explore and be curious about anything and everything!

In 2019, she set up Ready Generations as a charity to encourage connections between people of different ages, particularly the very young and very old. Her ambition is to create potential for a refreshing community dynamic that really does put people first!

Sue is not one for sitting still and spends any spare time playing badminton, growing vegetables and running after her four tiny granddaughters!

Dr Richard Gerver


At Ready Generations, we are delighted to have Dr. Richard Gerver as Patron of the charity. Richard has been described as one of the most inspirational global leaders of his generation. He is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author and world-renowned thinker.

Richard began his career in education, most notably as headteacher of the failing Grange Primary School. In just two years, he famously transformed the School into one of the most acclaimed learning environments in the world. He was celebrated by UNESCO and the UK Government for its incredible turnaround.

Richard has since transitioned to the global stage where he uses his trademark humour and natural style to deliver passionate, provocative and authentic speeches. He draws upon the first-hand experiences and unique insights garnered from frontline education to explore the links between great leadership, human potential, change and innovation. His ability to connect experiences across many seemingly different environments helps people to expand their thinking and perception of potential. It is this authenticity and uniqueness which has helped Richard achieve great acclaim and invitations to speak on the most recognised stages. His passion for intergenerational learning and living has inspired him to work with us.

The three core principles underpinning Richard's philosophy are communication, empowerment and impact. He argues that great leadership is first and foremost about serving the needs of the people who work alongside you. His mantra: systems and structures change nothing; people do.

Having successfully transitioned from teacher to thought leader, Richard has had the opportunity to regularly advise governments and major corporations, including Google, Visa, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Harrods, Puig and Telefonica. His unique experience and insight into realising human potential also see him working in elite sport, with Olympic and Paralympic coaches, EPL Soccer coaches, England Golf and professional cricket teams. He has recently started working with the British music industry to help develop a capacity for forward, proactive and sustainable change.

Here is a welcome message from Richard:

Thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in the work of Ready Generations.

Every time an old person dies, a library burns down.

I first heard this African quote a few years ago, it deeply moved me. I am passionate about collaboration in and around education, bringing people, organisations and generations together to maximise our wisdom, knowledge and experience and to ensure we best prepare our children for their future. When I was approached by Ready Generations to support them as the charity’s Patron I was honoured and excited. It is a charity founded on principles that burn so deeply in me. Last year, I wrote some ideas for a legacy we could pursue, as we move forward in to increasingly changing and unpredictable times. I want to share my ideas now to explain just why the relational vision of Ready Generations is so dynamic:

• Emergence: Supporting families so they can create nurturing environments that best prepare and provide for children in the first phases of life.

• Education: A focus on how we use education to ensure that our emerging young citizens are prepared for the world they are going to inherit. A determination to ensure that their knowledge, skills, attributes and behaviours empower and inspire them to enjoy relationships with people of all ages.

• Activism: There is much to be gained from working together to connect generations so that all people feel that they have a place and a purpose in society whatever their age.

• Leadership: Ensuring that, through the experience, vision and actions of intergenerational activity, leaders emerge with bold narratives and a sense of empowerment for all generations.

• Legacy: Finding ways that help our intergenerational communities to thrive, be supported and most importantly to feel valued. Working to capture and use the strengths of every generation.

It has never been more important that we include all people and all generations in the process of community building if we are to understand needs at a deep level. At Ready Generations we serve as a catalyst and portal for work that connects people and puts them first. This is why I urge you to join me and join us as we move forwards to something new, better and dynamic for sure!

Dr Phil Carvil


Phil works for the UK Research Council’s Science and Technology Facilities Council, which is part of UK Research and Innovation. He leads the North West Health Technology Cluster, jointly funded by the Innovation Agency and the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network.

Phil sits on the management committee of the European Low Gravity Research Association and is the coordinator of the UK Space Life and Biomedical Sciences Association. A graduate of Kings College London in Aerospace Physiology, his PhD evaluated how a skinsuit could be used to support the spine in space.

A firm belief in promoting diversity, inclusion and equality in STEM, he is a trustee for the LGBT charitable Trust, Pride in STEM.

Liz Ludden


Liz is based in Liverpool and is owner and leader of the multi-award winning Dukes and Duchesses Nursery in the heart of the city centre. The Nursery has been twice rated as outstanding by OFSTED.

The emphasis on family in the Nursery led her to research and develop intergenerational practice that includes all ages and helps support healthy living for everyone. As part of her hectic schedule she also lectures on all aspects of early years practice at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk.

Liz is mum to four girls – a full time role in itself yet also finds time for regular kick boxing workouts to ensure that she stays one step ahead of them!

Pam Mundy


Insatiably curious and definitely a force for human doing as opposed to simply a human being, Pam is deeply committed to the development of early childhood learning and fascinated by the interactions and intergenerational connections between children and adults.

Following the call of the wild, she circumnavigates the globe, exploring what this means in international cultures, contexts and communities, bringing innovative ideas, different perspectives and new connections back to Ready Generations. As trustee of the Charity, she believes in promoting its inquiry and research-based approach.

Pam is a self-confessed fitness fan and is granny to two UK and two Australia-based grandchildren, leaving little time for anything else!

Anna C Park


Anna is an experienced teacher, speaker and care consultant who is passionate that age and labels should never define anyone. She thrived on the stories of her grandparents’ earliest memories and continues to value the importance of sharing & validating life experiences across the generations.

Following a person-centred care approach, Anna believes intergenerational activities can help to spark creativity, forge new relationships & develop feelings of warmth and community. Pioneering the evolution of interactive technology to make music, nature & the arts more accessible for people living with dementia and/or learning disabilities, she continues to champion the importance of inclusive resources & meaningful experiences in her role as a NAPA Special Adviser.

Anna indulges her love of folk & community with her ‘Hedgerow Tipple’ ceilidh/barn dance calling, coordinating local festivals & performing with the dance group Tappalachian. She lives in Herts with her family but is still a canny Northumbrian at heart.