We are pleased to introduce our first ever Intergenerational Champion, Norman Frederick Moore from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Name: Norman Frederick Moore (Fellow of the Library Association)
Career: Chartered Librarian
Born: 1940
Age: 82
Location: Tyne and Wear, UK
Passions: Reading, nature, music

Listen to Norman's poem about the impact of spending time with young children:

In former years I was a Sunday School teacher and Boys’ Brigade officer. Shortly after taking early retirement from my career as a chartered librarian, I attended a seminar for grandparents as I was becoming increasingly involved with the care of my grandchildren (performing all necessary tasks except breastfeeding!).

A significant development was being enrolled as a helper at the nursery attended by one of my granddaughters, where I read stories, played the piano, organised a library – and much, much more

Portrait of Grandpa Norman by great grandson Luke when he was three

On my arrival, all the children would shout Hello, Grandpa!, which alone made it all worthwhile!  On my 80th birthday I was told:

We loved having you in the nursery and you were the best Santa Claus ever! 

By this time, I was a great-grandfather with renewed responsibilities.

Within the restrictions imposed by covid-19 and my impaired hearing I still engage with my great-grandchildren as much as possible.

Luke is now 6 and Isobel (Izzy) is 3. I enjoy participating in such varied pursuits as football, dinosaurs, paper aeroplanes and fun with shadows. We have created some exciting shadow games together!

Long may it continue!

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