We are pleased to introduce our first ever Intergenerational Champion couple, Alan and Diana Hyde from Chester, UK.

Names: Alan and Diana Hyde
Careers: Alan was an engineer and Diana was a sales chemist and a homemaker
Born: Both were born in 1941
Age: Both are 81
Location: Chester, UK
Passions: Socialising, gardening, travel and family

Alan and Diana come as a pair. They do everything together. Alan says that he has no real passions but he is an amazing advocate for intergenerational work and truly knows the value of bringing people of all ages together.

Both Alan and Diana enjoy socialising with all kinds of people. They have a wonderful budgie called  Joey who is a regular visitor to the nursery children who share their care village in Chester.

Alan was a scout leader and enjoyed helping young children achieve their badges and find their own unique talents.

Alan and Diana live in an apartment at Belong Chester where Ready Generations intergenerational nursery is located. They both spend time with the children every single day. Alan says that when Diana is with the children, she comes alive.

He says “it’s almost as if a light switches on – that’s my Diana!”.

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