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We are pleased to launch our new report Care to the Nest. We have worked in partnership with the University of Stirling and Belong Care to research the changing role of grandparents as the pandemic has progressed.

Coronavirus has been a watershed moment for many things – but how has it affected grandparents and how they perceive their role going forwards?

Have long periods of separation, personal anxieties about health and reduction in childcaring duties made grandparents rethink their role?

And what are grandparents most concerned about right now in terms of their ongoing relationships with grandchildren?

Ultimately, what does this all mean for how society values the contribution of grandparents across the following five areas:

  • Parental support
  • Regular childcaring responsibilities
  • Financial assistance to families
  • Children’s social and emotional development
  • Children’s learning and education

Join Ready Generations and their partners, the University of Stirling and Belong Care, to explore the findings of the Report at a FREE webinar on Thursday 25 March 2021 between 10am and 11am

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