Week four of our intergenerational nursery photo diary…
the hoardings are up and getting noticed!

We’ve completed more work on the garden plans including the commissioning of a  bespoke galvanised iron fence panel with coloured windows to encourage meetings, greetings and connections, sandstone boulders and a cottage arbour for shared seating!

We are following the Froebelian principle of full engagement with nature as we believe this has huge benefits for both children and older people. It also reinforces the interrelationship of all living things and our place as contributors to a sustainable ecosystem.

‘Froebel’s appreciation for the interconnectedness of all nature appeals to us as we are interested in protecting the environment and understanding the complexity of the ecosystem.

His choice of the word kindergarten means a garden of children and has directed our attention to the wonder and unifying properties of nature for our intergenerational community’

Sue Egersdorff, Founder, Ready Generations

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  • Hello I just wanted to congratulate you and wish you every success, as a Public health and wellbeing graduate and with a background as an NNEB , and in adult Health and Social Care, having worked across the generations in different sectors I have been following how the research into the benefits for children and adults by connecting their shared spaces is enriching both generations greatly, particularly shown in the work of Bangor university over the last couple of years- the documentary on TV. I would be keen to follow your progress and would love to visit you in Chester when you open, I am presently working in the 0-19 year sector in Chester myself. Best Wishes to your ground-breaking project, it will enrich the lives of all involved I am sure.

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