Reasons to Connect

Project 6

We work in close partnership with pioneering care village operator, Belong. We have joined together to promote intergenerational connections between older people, children and their families through a range of interactive activities and experiences.

Our work aims to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of those involved and reduce loneliness across all ages.

We have found that such activities have an amazingly positive impact upon the lives of both children and older people. They support learning and development, provide a sense of safety and comfort and improve individual and community wellbeing.

Intergenerational relationships also appear to trigger reminiscence and happy memories for the older age groups, in addition to delaying cognitive decline and encouraging engagement and motivation.

In the current context, the requirements of physical distancing have made us think of new ways to keep generations connected. With this in mind, we launched our ‘Reasons to Stay Connected’ campaign. To find out more please visit